Thursday, June 13, 2013

Orientation? Check

The lazy days of summer, it turns out, are not quite as lazy as many assume. In fact, campus is buzzing these days with swarms of incoming students, most of them freshmen, wandering about campus and getting prepared for the fall semester. Part of this preparatory experience includes a resource fair, in which various departments and clubs set up booths and regale excited students with information on the many ways students can get involved at Boise State.

Of course, we were there, handing out fliers and information packets, answering questions, and sharing our passion for service to the community. We also gave them the rundown on the wonderful Community Work-Study program, which gives students with work-study funds the opportunity to work for certain non-profit organizations in the valley. What better way to start off one's college career than getting paid to help out one's community in some of the most important ways imaginable?

Our audience was quite receptive, and many students walked away excited at the prospects of signing up for an SL class come fall, which is always encouraging to hear. The Community Work-Study program also caught the attention of a number of students; with any luck, they'll be merrily working away once the semester starts up.

These resource fairs will be happening periodically throughout the summer. If you happen to be at the next one (or the one after that, and so on), please don't hesitate to stop by and say hi. We'd love to talk with you!

Until next time!

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