Friday, April 18, 2014

Work Study Jobs For Fall 2014

The Community Work-Study Program

The Federal Community Work Study Program provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with a financial aid award*.  

The program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study. Students are paid by the hour, and the rate is at least the federal minimum wage. The maximum number of hours you can work at Boise State during school sessions is 30 hours per week and you are paid every other week. Community Work Study hours are typically scheduled around your classes, depending on the employer.   

Our positions offer high-level and high-impact professional development so students can build their network and resume, as well as get the experience they need to secure professional work post graduation. Be a part of our program and start growing your professional career today. 

For more information contact or apply for positions directly by visiting BroncoJobs.

Current Openings:
Volunteer Coordinator (SL2), Agency for New Americans, Boys & Girls Club, International Rescue Mission, and Boise Urban Garden School – NOW HIRING!
The SL2 Acts as a liaison between a community organization, Boise State faculty, the Service-Learning Program and service-learners. They support service-learners and traditional community volunteers.

Program Assistant, Foothills Learning Center – NOW HIRING!
The Program Assistant at Foothills Learning Center supports the Environmental Education Program staff in office operations, class scheduling, and preparation. Some additional duties of facilitating classes may be involved as well!

Visitor Services Specialist, Discovery Center of Idaho – NOW HIRING!
The Visitor Services Specialist provides on-the-job training for the education and floor volunteer staff. The also facilitate visitor-learning and enhance customer service, as well as support day-to-day operations of Discovery Center of Idaho.

Bronco Tutor, Garfield Elementary AND Jefferson Elementary – NOW HIRING
Work one-on-one and in small groups with elementary students in order to assess reading and writing skills using assessments given to them by teachers.

Filled Positions:
Food Drive Assistant, The Idaho Foodbank
The Food Drive Assistant assists in the management and coordination of The Idaho Foodbank food drives.  This is a high-level, demanding position that requires advanced project management and stakeholder management soft skills.

Recreation Leader, Boise Parks and Recreation
The Recreation Leader supervises elementary aged youth during an after-school recreation program. This position is also responsible for organizing and maintaining recreational and educational equipment and materials

Adaptive Recreation Leader, Boise Parks and Recreation
The Adaptive Recreation Leader supervises and supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities during recreation program activities. This position is also responsible for organizing and maintaining recreational and educational equipment and materials

Program Assistant, MK Nature Center
The Program Assistant assists with many aspects of the nature center’s operations and maintenance. This may include design and construction of exhibits and displays, as well as research for educational projects and tours.

Medical Case Manager, Agency for New Americans
The Medical Case Manager provides transitional services to newly arriving refugees that promotes early self-sufficiency and social adjustment, especially related to taking care of their medical issues on their own.
Youth Development Professional, Boys and Girls Club

The Youth Development Professional provides support to all program areas including Nutrition, Technology, Transportation and Clubhouse Operations.

*To qualify for Federal Work Study you must select the option on your FAFSA and be awarded it through the Financial Aid Department on Campus.

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